January, 2005

All About Us

Ours is a modern day love story. Boy gets computer, Girl gets computer. Boy meets Girl online. Boy meets Girl offline. Boy and Girl fall in love.

In February 2004 we met online through a site called www.datingdirect.com and discovered we lived just ten minutes walk from each other. After meeting up at a local bar it was clear to us both that we were meant to be together. We discovered amusing similarities, like having both been avid readers of 'Spectrum User' in our teens. In May we moved in together and also went on our first holiday....to Crete ! Having fallen in love with the beauty of the scenery and the friendliness of the locals it was an easy choice for our wedding ceremony.

In August 2004, we took a drive down to Brighton and bought an engagement ring from a jeweller in The Lanes. A quick drive along the coast took us to Shoreham and the magnificent building that is Lancing College Chapel (see picture below). In front of this beautiful work of architecture, Rich went down on one knee and proposed. Needless to say, I said yes!

Later that month we went to the Reading Music Festival. Having spent 3 days together, knee deep in mud, sharing a cramped tent, and not being able to wash we were still madly in love. Sickly I know, but true!

Since then we have managed to get through life's many trials and tribulations without a bad word spoken - well, maybe one or two but, hey, nobody's perfect! We're really excited about our future lives together and also hope to start a family in the coming years.

Update: We've been chosen to feature on a website as an online dating success story. See us here... www.handbag.com

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