July, 2005

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We're Having a Party !

As Georgioupolis and the surrounding areas are fairly quiet, the tavernas in the area are relatively small. Because of this, we have had to limit the number of guests who can join us in Crete to a maximum of 40 people.

We are also aware that many of our families and friends cannot make it to Crete, which is very understandable.

Because of these two factors, we will be having a party upon our return home, for anyone who would like to join us to celebrate. It will be an informal celebration with a buffet and cash bar.

**** Update - 2nd May 2005 ****

We have now booked 'The Blackbird' as our party venue. We will be holding our party in the function room upstairs. The pub is on the corner of Blackbird Road and Anstey Lane, about about a mile from the city centre (map below). There is plenty of parking available.

Or for those of you coming from further afield....


Or even further afield....


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